01.Intro ( The theme from the Godfather ) (mp3)
02.Empyre (mp3)
03.Manic Merry-Go-Round (mp3)
04.Face the truth (mp3)
05.Fool's parade (mp3)
06.Was it me (mp3)
07.Walls of stone (mp3)
08.Sacrifice (mp3)
09.Cruel world (mp3)
10.Blinded by the darkness (mp3)
11.Only the wrong will survive (mp3)
12.I'll Be Yours ( European bonus track) (mp3)
13.Nuclear Skies (European bonus track) (mp3)
14.Let Go (European bonus track) (mp3)
15.Gods Of Iron (European bonus track) (mp3)
16.Black star '09 (Japan bonus track) (mp3)
17.Lake of fire '09 (Japan bonus track (mp3)
18.Remains of my broken dreams (Japan bonus track) (mp3)

Burned Down the Enemy

01.Parasite (mp3)
02.Heart of gold (mp3)
03.Dawn of the ancient war (mp3)
04.Hell awaits (mp3)
05.From the beginning of it all (mp3)
06.Icebound (mp3)
07.Deceiver (mp3)
08.Eye for an eye (mp3)
09.To hell and back (mp3)
10.Against the madness of time (mp3)
11.Burned down the enemy (mp3)
12. Nocturnal sight ( Japan bonus track (mp3)
13.Bring me oblivion ( Japan bonus track ) (mp3)
14.My reign, my fire ( European bonus track ) (mp3)
15. The Road to Hell ( European bonus track ) (mp3)
16.Heart of gold - demo version ( European bonus track ) (mp3)

Feeding the Flames

01.Into The Fire (mp3)
02.Blackened Sun (mp3)
03.Veil Of Secrecy (mp3)
04.Voice From The Past (mp3)
05.I Am The Silent One (mp3)
06.Stray Bullet (mp3)
07.Night Games (mp3)
08.Quicker Than The Eye (mp3)
09.Malmikivi (Instr.) (mp3)
10.Resurrection Machine (mp3)
11.All The Madness (mp3)
12.Feeding The Flames (mp3)
13.Bad blood ( Japan bonus track ) (mp3)

Salvation by Fire

02.Under The Dying Sun (mp3)
03.Lake Of Fire (mp3)
04.Fall Of Thy Kingdom (mp3)
05.Higher (mp3)
06.Black Star (mp3)
07.Stealer Of Light (mp3)
08.The One (mp3)
09.Signs Of Danger (mp3)
10.Salvation By Fire (mp3)
11.Finally Free (mp3)

To Hell and Back

The one ( acoustic live ) (mp3)
The road to hell (mp3)
To hell and back (2004 version ) (mp3)