Jussi Ontero

Instrument: Drums

e-mail: jussi@burningpointmetal.com

Favourite bands:
To mention a few long-time favourites: Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Zero Nine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mercyful Fate, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Wasp, Judas Priest, Impaled Nazarene, Johnny Cash

Favourite drummers:
Mikkey Dee, Snowy Shaw, Tommy Lee, Cozy Powell (R.I.P.)

Also involved in:
- Ghost Machinery (drums & keyboards)
- Stargazery (drums)
- King's Ruin (drums)
- Dolorian (keyboards)

Personal discography (Only full length albums mentioned):
- DOLORIAN: "When All The Laughter Has Gone" (Wounded Love Records, 1999)
- DOLORIAN: "Dolorian" (Wounded Love Records, 2001)
- GHOST MACHINERY: "Haunting Remains" (Sound Riot Records, 2004)
- BURNING POINT: "Burned Down The Enemy" (Metal Heaven Records, 2007)
- DOLORIAN: "Voidwards" (Wounded Love Records, 2006)
- BURNING POINT: "Empyre" (Metal Heaven Records, 2009)
- GHOST MACHINERY: "Out For Blood" (2010)
- BURNING POINT: "The Ignitor" (Scarlet Records 2012)

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