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THE IGNITOR (music & lyrics P.Ahonen)

1. Eternal Flame (Salvation By Fire Part II)

Passion runs deep
Like a fuel to the flames
Burning its way to be free

Lake of desire
Surging with dreams
Shores of the damned torch my soul

All the way until the end
We never break we never bend

Darkness of time
Won't crush mighty will
Absence of light makes it strong

Fenching your wealth
Attracts thiefs in the night
Fire at will shoot on sight

Warrior's soul, brave from the heart
Restless and wild, we never break apart

Eternal flame
Burns forever
Eternal flame
Salvation will come

2. In The Fires Of My Self-Made Hell

I got my limitations
I'm a friend of pain
I'm afraid your expectations
Will drive me insane

Crawlspace of a different kind
Deep in the heart of a twisted mind

I'm burning, I'm turning
In the fires of my self-made hell
I'm crying, I'm bleeding
In the fires of my self-made hell

I'm human incompletely
I'm no better man
I promise very weakly
To do the best I can

3. In The Night

Imagine the world without you
Better or worse,
What will it be in the end?

Sleepwalking in a daydream
Waking up in a middle of a scream

And the nightmare closes in
Merging two worlds in my mind

In the night
Memories holding me tight
In the night
Secrets pushing the light... Away

Turning circles in square one
Surrender to the power of unknown
Drain the tears to the pool of my mistakes
Face the fears, descend from the skies

Aiming higher,
My feet don't touch the ground
Soul's on fire, it's lost and never found

4. The Ignitor

We fed the flames of illusion
Still keep coming back for more
Realized the conclusion
We're here to settle the score

Building empire of madness
We manage to survive
Rising up from the ashes
The game of conquer,
Conquer & divide

We are here to feed the tire
Time after time
The keepers of the burning pyre
Night after night
(The Ignitor comes)

Heaven turning to hatred
Was the plan all along?
Nothing is sacred
Throne of chaos,
Falling down so strong

5. Silent Scream

Drifting aimlessly
Crossing the lines
Meeting constantly
The traveler of time

Outside the walls of endless pain
The master awaits

Silent screams in the heart of night
Haunting me, echoing in my mind
Silent screams in the dead of the night
Whispering, running free in my lonely
and restless mind

Something died inside
Something was born
Learning to survive
Trying to be strong

Outside the walls of endless pain
I will be free

Can't you see me?
Are you able to hear my voice?
Get away from me
You don't leave me no choice

6. Heaven Is Hell

What seems to be wrong
Am I twisting the noose too strong?
Just try to hold on, I'll never let go

Playing with fire
Can't you see what is best for you?
Living a lie, you don't follow the rules

Go for the throat
Go for the throat
We will never fall

Heaven is hell
Promises turned to dust
Heaven is hell
Without fear we will fight...
Till the end of time

Endurance of pain
Growing stronger day by day
Cold and strange
Is the way of your world

Turning the tide
Stepping off from the fool's parade
Emotions run wild
Shadows fading away

7. Losing Sleep

All across the land
Castles built with sand, they're drowning

Pain has gone away
Sorrow's here to stay, still I'm not learning

Impossible to dream
Hide behind the scream, I'm dying

Hand in hand with the master of it all
Someone calls out my name

Minutes turning to hours, hours turning to days
I am losing sleep
Minutes turning to hours.
hours turning to days
I got my promises to keep

Distance closing in
Devotion starts to dim, it hurts me

Unfold the secret sins
Determination wins, it suits me

Eye to eye with master of it all
Will you call out my name

8. Demon Inside Of You

Down, down on my knees
My wounds still bleed
Numb for all the pain
This vicious game paralyzes my heart & soul

Curse, curse of the past
Tides turn so fast
Rules, so many rules
Obey the fool and you're lost
Inside your mind forever
You're a prisoner

Crush my heart
Tear my soul to pieces
Burn my fate
There's a demon inside of you
Crush my will
To live forever
Build a storm
There's a demon inside of you

Insane, you were insane
You pass the blame
Rules, so many rules
Obey the fool and you're lost
Inside your mind forever
You're a prisoner

9. Everdream

Temptation takes over
Forcing me to speak against my will
Denying the demon
Doesn't protect you from its skills

Oblivion beckons me, diving to its lap
I'm sinking deeper and deeper in to black
Wishing and waiting that...
Someone would free me

My Everdream
Shifting the worlds
My Everdream
And I won't look back

Freedom is waiting
Landscapes of peace and harmony
Monster is screaming
Wearing the suit of reality

On fire, reality's burning my soul
With the desire
I'm fighting to reach my goals

My Everdream
Bound to be free
My Everdream
And I won't look back

10. Lost Tribe

Heart of a lion beating hard and heavy
To the beat of the brotherhood
No words left unspoken
No chains won't hold us down
Passion's strong, we stand our ground

Neverending the desire that burns
The vision we must conserve

Woooaaah, The Lost Tribe
Woooaaah, Freedom's Call
Woooaaah, The Lost Tribe
Woooaaah, Standing Tall

Spirit of a warrior
Stands the test of time
Dominate the future and the past
Never undermine the sanctity
Of a soul that's breaking free
Never turn your back
To your fellow man

11. Holier Than Thou

On my way to the promised land
I got lost in the sidetrack
Demons & angels
Envy & hatred paved the way

Search and rescue the enemy
Consequences from my aim to please
Destiny's calling, wielding & holding the
Two-edged blade

Under the Fire
I stand, I crawl, I die
Under the ageless burning fire

Sign my name under the cross
Sign my name under the cross
Glorious - Victorious... Holier Than Thou

Tools of war in my hands
Tame the mutiny, make demands
Feeding & bleeding, always receding away
From pain

Under the Fire
I stand, I crawl, I die
I'm crucified
I rise, I fall, I cry
Under the Fire
I laugh, I weep, I lie
Under the ageless burning Fire

Rest in peace, leave me be,
the fighting goes on
Say a prayer, avoid stare of eternity

12. Ice Queen

[Bonus Track]

Spoiled to the bone
Priceless to the world that surrounds you

Vicious and alone
Minions without fate, shining in your mercy

Turning your head like a wheel
Souls of the damned you will steal

Ice Queen - Ice Queen
Keeps the fools in control
Ice Queen - Ice Queen
Dreams are not yours anymore

Lurking in the dark
Seeing and capturing every moment
Raise up your guard
Walls of ignorance don't protect you

13. Blood Will Win

[Bonus Track]

Blood is persistent no matter what
Relentless forever

Burst of existence I will not stop
Ruthless endeavours

Refuse to be
The last in line
Refuse to see
The end of times

The gates are wide open
The flood rushes in
Unstoppable nature
Edge of darkness, threshold of pain
Calling all stations

Refuse to be
The last in line
Refuse to see
The end of times

Give me freedom, confess your sins
The search is over, the blood will win

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